What is

Biblos is a powerful indexing tool that can manage your cd/mp3 collection as well as local directories . It records full information about each file on the specified media and has a powerful searching tool that can help you find specific files . Also you can select from the database a list of files/dirs and Biblos will help you in copying  them from the source media to the dir choosed.

  Still the most important feature of this program is it's portability : it is intended to run as well on a unix platform ( X Windows required ) as on any flavor of Microsoft Windows . So you can easily use for example your MSWindows created databases on a Linux platform . 

it is a fully running program now . You can start creating your databases because the index files have reached maturity and the format  will be supported in the future releases also . Try now the lastest release ! 

Main characteristics

* Easy to use interface

* Creates very small databases
( e.g. on a 600MB /usr directory on a Linux platform with 76.000 files just about 1600KB database ! )

* It is free software !!!
distributed under GNU GPL and Q Public licensce.

See the Trolltech site for the contents of these licenses and more info : www.trolltech.com




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